Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga Shoes

Spanish couturier Cristòbal Balenciaga’s innovative designs, known for their sculptural volumes and strict modernity, cemented his reputation as one of the 20th century’s most legendary designers. Balenciaga is a Spanish brand established in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917. After the first boutique in San Sebastian Spain, they opened additional branches in Madrid and Barcelona. When the Spanish civil war happened, it relocated to France and opened a boutique store in Paris in 1937. Balenciaga revolutionized women’s fashion during the 1950s where he used sleek and linear lines in his designs. 

Nowadays, Balenciaga is very popular because of its shoe collection. When new forms of footwear are introduced in the market, Balenciaga shoes did not fail to impress everyone with their Balenciaga sneakers. The Speed Sock has attracted many fashionistas and influencers. It has evolved into different versions but, the original concept of slip-on design remains.

The Balenciaga speed sneakers have a sock-like construction with an oversized sole to look sporty and forward-looking. The Balenciaga trainers’ performance athletic footwear has a unique design compared to the usual sports footwear we see every day. 

The Balenciaga Triple S is the shoe to be thanked – or blamed, depending on who you ask – for this dramatic U-turn in footwear fashion. It’s an elegantly absurd piece of design that had fashion editors scribbling in notepads and high-street shops churning out copycats the second it stomped onto the runway in January 2017.

What Makes The Triple S Great

Balenciaga’s Triple S was the catalyst for a luxury sneaker market now worth hundreds of millions. The first of its kind, it was a premium house-designed shoe that had sneakerheads and high-end fashion aficionados alike clambering over one another in order to get their hands on a pair.

At a time when streetwear and haute couture were still awkwardly courting, this crossover design helped to close the gap. In essence, The Triple S is time-stamped proof that two worlds really have collided in such a way as to now be virtually indistinguishable from each other.

It’s been on the scene since 2017 – which is more like a decade in fashion terms – and yet still it remains one of the most praised, ridiculed, imitated, memed and sought after sneakers ever to have existed. Quite a legacy for such a young design, and proof that the Balenciaga Triple S is worthy of an early induction into the Sneaker Hall Of Fame.

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