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  • Nike Dunks

    Crafted by Peter Moore and originally known as the College Color High, Nike Dunk sneakers epitomize an 80s classic reimagined for the modern era. Nike introduced the Dunk in 1985 as a college basketball shoe. Within a few short years, skateboarders embraced its design for its resilience and protection, giving rise to the launch of Nike SB and the Nike SB Dunks. The Nike Dunk stands as one of Nike's most versatile and celebrated sneaker creations, transcending boundaries from collegiate basketball courts to skate parks and even high-fashion runways, adapting seamlessly to every subculture it has encountered since its debut in 1985.

    Today, the Dunk has become a cultural icon renowned for its ability to transcend sports, style, and culture, amassing a devoted fanbase across various scenes. Much like its close counterparts, the Air Force 1 and Jordan Retro 1, the Dunk's understated and sleek design has paved the way for an endless array of colorway variations, rendering it the ideal canvas for bold color blocking and artistic expression. Its evolution received widespread acclaim from skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts in the early 2000s through sought-after collaborations such as the SB Dunk Low 'Reese Forbes Denim' and Dunk Low Pro SB 'NYC Pigeon'. While the original university colorways remain highly coveted, the Nike Dunk continues to progress in terms of creative design, utility, and cultural assimilation. The enduring legacy of the Nike Dunk persists over 30 years after its introduction through a basketball lens. Now transcending sports, luxury fashion, and contemporary streetwear, the New Dunks will persist in transcending genres, with limitless potential on the horizon.

    Nike Dunk shoes from Crew Kicks provide an excellent means to pay homage to past designs while injecting a fresh perspective into the new decade. Explore the finest high-top silhouettes and Nike Dunk Low profile sneakers available in a myriad of colorways and styles that perfectly complement your unique streetwear aesthetic now via Kickscrew.

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