Nike Air Force 1 Off-White Green Brooklyn - AF1 Off White Brooklyn

Nickname: Off-White AF1 Green

Sku: DX1419-300


Release Date: 09/15/2022

Size: It is available for Men

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Item Details of Green Air Force 1 Off White Brooklyn

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White Green Brooklyn is a visual symphony where Virgil Abloh's subversive design language collides with the timeless silhouette of the Air Force 1. From the deconstructed aesthetic to the bold reinterpretation of the Swoosh, every element is a stroke on the canvas of innovation.

Named after the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, the Off-White AF1 Green pays homage to the eclectic energy and cultural tapestry of New York City. Design choices reflect the dynamic spirit of Brooklyn's streets, with a color palette that reflects the borough's ever-changing landscape. The sneaker embodies the essence of the urban jungle, where creativity knows no bounds. The AF1 Off White Brooklyn features exposed stitching, industrial-style zipper tabs and distinctive Off-White quotation marks. These elements not only challenge traditional sneaker design, but also contribute to the overall narrative of the sneaker.

The green off white air force 1 was released on September 2022. And now full size available in crewkicks.

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